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E Cigarettes Are Just One More Method to Use for People Wanting to Give up Smoking

E-cigarettes are perceived as an alternative to smoking for those addicted to the nicotine habit. To complete the illusion, e cigarettes are designed to look like regular cigarettes and thus give the person so addicted the feeling that he or she is actually smoking. It is only when the cigarette is viewed from inside, that the change is noticed.

E cigarettes have liquid nicotine that is heated up to create a vapor that the smoker can inhale and exhale. As per the makers of these cigarettes, nicotine vapor has an advantage over cigarette smoke that you get from the traditional cigarette. Traditional cigarettes contain tobacco, and this obnoxious leaf contains a host of other carcinogenic compounds besides the nicotine itself. While the effects of nicotine vapor have not received the research attention that has been given to tobacco, it is not yet clear, what the long term effects of nicotine vapor inhalation can bring. However, e cigarettes are touted as a sure fire means to get people to give up their addiction to cigarettes and tobacco.

An e cigarette is mainly made up of four distinct parts. An LED light cover fits over a battery with the required circuitry. This fits onto a heating element or atomizer and a cartridge or mouthpiece that contains the nicotine liquid. The final assembly of this e cigarette gives it the same appearance as a filter tip cigarette. The battery unit can be recharged though the USB of a laptop or computer, thus giving it a versatility that is appreciated by people who smoke e cigarettes. In some models the atomizer and the cartridge are combined.

When a person inhales an e cigarette, a small part of the nicotine liquid is vaporized by the atomizer and this gives the smoker the feeling of smoking because of the nicotine hit. At the same time the LED light glows, completing the illusion of smoking a regular cigarette. The nicotine cartridges can be obtained with different strengths, and this is said to allow people wanting to give up the habit, to gradually reduce their nicotine intake till they are able to give up the habit altogether. A nicotine cartridge has the equivalent of 500 cigarettes, and apart from the initial investment for the e cigarette, this leads to substantial savings in the long run for people who are habituated to smoking a number of packs every day. This serves as an additional incentive to use e cigarettes for those wanting to give up their smoking habit.

E cigarettes have an advantage over nicotine patches or gum, which are in use by people wanting to give up the smoking habit. The nicotine hit is quicker, and quite often what habituated smokers miss is the very act of inhaling on a cigarette, something that gum or a patch will not give. An electronic cigarette on the other hand, will allow the smoker to keep up with this illusion, while continuing to get the nicotine hit that smokers crave for.